(1) The CFP says that the proposal should be 1500-2000 words. Is this what I am supposed to upload in the section entitled “paper” in PDF form?
Yes, 1500-2000 words is the word length for the paper in PDF form.

(2) May I include images in the body of the PDF? It will make my PDF significantly longer than just the text of 1500 words.
Yes, you can include images/diagrams within the body of the PDF. The 1500-2000 word    count only applies to the textual body and references, not to other elements. Supplementary files can also be uploaded separately. Our EasyChair account is configured to accept the following file formats:

pdf       PDF
ps        postscript
doc      Word document
docx    Word open XML document
odt       Open Document format
txt        plain text
zip       zip
jpg       JPEG
tar       tarball
tgz       gzipped tarball
gz        gzipped file
html    HTML
xls        Excel file
tex       LaTeX file
ppt       PowerPoint presentation
pptx     Microsoft PowerPoint open XML document

(3) Should I include my identification within the document that I am submitting?
No. For purposes of peer-review, please do not include author identification within the actual document. Authors should identify themselves only in the metadata associated with the paper within the EasyChair platform, but not in the actual paper.

(4) I have submitted an abstract. Can I submit the paper at a later stage?
No. Authors should submit both an abstract (1500 characters) and their paper PDF (1500-2000 words). Abstracts without a paper will not be considered for review.

(5) Are there any specific style and formatting guidelines for the paper?
No. Selected articles resulting from the conference papers will be published in a special issue of the journal MATLIT (http://iduc.uc.pt/index.php/matlit/). A call for this issue will be sent to all conference participants after the conference. Only then will submissions have to conform to specific style and formatting guidelines.

(6) Is it possible to have the same person’s name on two submissions to the conference?
Yes, as long as he or she is submitting to different categories (paper, poster, panel).

(7) What is the desired format for a panel proposal? Would you prefer a paper proposal for each of the individual papers or a single proposal describing the entire panel?
The panel submission should consist of a main PDF with a 100-200 word description of the panel, plus each individual paper proposal as a 1500-2000 word attachment.

(8) How long will the sessions likely be?
Each presentation should take a maximum of 20 minutes, plus 10 minutes for debate. A panel with three presentations, for example, is likely to be 90 minutes long.


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